Solutions for real world contracts

Rely on our experience      technologies  integrations     
and focus on your core business

We are a tech company focused on the design and development of digital signing solutions for real world contracts.

Our aim is to revolutionize your business flows, transforming them into legally enforceable and transactable contracts, increasing accountability, usage, monetization and eliminating most frictions.

Rely on our technology so you can focus on your core business.

The Team

Founded by a seasoned banking executive, a banking regulation specialist and two tech entrepreneurs, we’ve built an agile, robust and focused team.

Gloria Canseco

Legal Matters

Juan Manuel Truffa

Business Development

Adrián Mazza

Tech Leader

Ezequiel Baum

Investor Relations

Joaquín Pujol

Software Dev Leader

Yoel Etbul

PM and UX Leader

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