Solutions for real world contracts

Rely on our experience technologies integrations
and focus on your core business

We have a full set of products to handle contracts creation, contracts signing and multi-party contracts transaction.
Our customized templates let you create and fill contracts with your data via an API request implementing robustness into your business flows. Any process that has to be approved in or outside your company could be translated into a contract creating a more secure and reliable form of approval.

Our cloud signing SaaS attaches the digital signature to the contracts created by the templating engine. Furthermore, every contract, file, or image could be digitally signed and converted into an immutable version of itself. This process brings confidence in the interchange of files and attachments.

The Contracts Transaction Engine enables the creation of assets representing promises with a term and a due date. Those assets, which could be enhanced with the addition of a digitally signed contract, may be transacted among parties, in part or in full, until their due date where a Payment Instruction Report is presented. This report sets the final beneficiaries of the asset and allows the payment facilitator, payment system, or payment platform to perform the settlement as a regular transaction.