Term Payment:

A deferred payment pledge that becomes a transactable digital asset


Add Term Payments to your payments solution

Term Payments let any payments provider, bank or wallet offer deferred payments on top of their current payments processing solutions.

Net 30 invoice payments, BNPL agreements, working capital loans or escrow payments can be coded as Term Payments and turned into transactable assets with legal backing.


Integrate seamlessly with your current payment gateways

Our SaaS solution APIs add a layer on top of your current setup, giving you the tools to generate Term Payments from your website or app, and easily render trays for your customers to manage their payments.

The APIs also allow for an easy integration with back-office solutions,
providing account-specific data and account-wide or platform-wide indicators


Term Payments are digital assets you can transfer

Term Payments may be transferred in exchange for cash or as a means of payment, guaranteed by a transferor or 3rd party, or may change its debiting or crediting accounts.

It may also be returned before the due date if the commercial deal is cancelled or parties agree to new payment terms, giving flexibility to all parties involved.


Add attachments to your payments

Invoices, business documents or identity documentation may be attached to payments to support the commercial transaction and facilitate any associated procedures.

Attachments hashing enforces integrity and enables privacy-preserving solutions where only hashes may be shared.


Net30 payments for B2B

Term Payments are a great tool to manage B2B Accounts Receivables / Payables, matching inflows and outflows to minimize working capital needs.

BNPL payment gateways

Payment gateways can leverage on Term Payments to offer a BNPL financing solution to their merchants that offers extended capabilities:

Merchant financed BNPL

Larger merchants usually have the required capital and lines of credit in place to finance their own sales. Term Payments provide a solution for these cases:

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